2.4.1 - clean install requires internet access?

  • Hello,

    I have a 2.3.3 pfsense instance that is in an isolated network with no internet access.

    I booted off the 2.4.1 install CD and installed over 2.3.3, using the "Recover XML" option.  This worked, no issues.

    After rebooting, the system starts loading modules, and I get messages similar to:  "Waiting for internet connectivity to complete package installation…"

    I waited about a half hour for the attempts to time out, but the system kept retrying for internet access and never fully booted.

    Does a clean install of 2.4.1 require internet access?
    Is there a way to bypass the internet checks?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You didn't do a clean install.  You had previous packages that are reinstalled when you upgrade.  To reinstall those packages yes a internet connection would be required.

    As one way to bypass I would assume if you removed all the packages before you upgraded, there would be no packages to reinstall and therefore not need internet access.  If you want these packages you would either need to give the isolated system temp internet or grab all packages and their dependency packages somewhere else and then move them to the system via sneakernet.

  • Understood, I figured it might be something like that.

    I tried doing an (actual) clean install, then restoring XML, but had same issue.  I tried both using backup WITH and WITHOUT package data included.  Ran into the same problem both times.

    I decided to give up on it and just did a clean install and then rebuilt the configuration from scratch.  Not ideal but faster than trying to continue to troubleshoot.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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