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  • Hi
    I have just run Shields Up from Gibson GRC against my new pfSense firewall and its reporting majority of the ports stealthed except 135, 137, 138, 139, 445. These are closed?

    I don't have any port forwarding set up or UPnP. pfSense is patched to latest version with a very basic rule set.
    Any ideas?

    Any yes I am a pfSense newbie :-)

  • Those are all MS networking ports.  By default, pfSense allows no access in from WAN.  All ports should show stealth.

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    You have something in front of pfsense listening on those ports.. Or your isp is rejecting them vs just dropping them..  Or you forwarded them inbound.. Pfsense would not be listening on any of those ports, and as stated out of the box all inbound ports into pfsense unsolicated would be dropped.. Or as grc likes to use the nonsense term "stealth".. Its not a valid networking term btw..

  • I see this when I use shields up.

    It will be down to your ISP  blocking the ports at their ingress point as john said.

    I bet if you do a packet capture on the WAN interface, you won’t even see those ports hit your firewall.

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    Many an ISP block those ports.. But they you would think they would just drop, not sure why they would send reject.. But guess it is the nice thing to do ;)  Just you almost never see that on firewall.. Because if your sending me packet I don't want, why should I spend bandwidth and cycles telling you.. Unless you were on my network… From the public internet sure not going to spend effort letting answering the noise.. I reject inbound, so if client tries to go outbound on a port I prevent they get a reject.

    Do you scream go away when the jehovah witness comes a knocking at your door or do you just ignore them until they go away ;)  You sure don't want to get up and answer the door just to tell them go away do you.. Better to just sit back on the couch and finish your beer..

    Only thing I reject from internet is traceroute udp ports, so my my traceroute to on ipv4 or through via ipv6 see the hop ;)

    But yes as stated - great test is to sniff for it on pfsense wan.. If pfsense doesn't see it even - sure couldn't be sending reject..

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