• Hi all, is there anyone discovered a simpler way to install PFsense on Local Machine for testing and configuration?

    Care to share some of the techniques? Thanks.

  • What part of th einstallation are you having trouble with?  YouTube has at least a half-dozen videos specifically on how to install.

  • Hi KOM,

    I am having issue with browsing the login page for PFsense. I cant even get to that page as halfway from those tutorial, there are errors ….

  • Once you have properly configured the pfSense WAN and LAN, you should be able to access the WebGUI from a client on your LAN by using the pfSense LAN IP address.

    For anyone to help you further, we will need more detail like your WAN/LAN configuration and your network configuration.

  • @luke1018:

    …. there are errors ....

    Bad news  ;)
    Billion exist already - and people report nearly daily new ones.
    Next time, take some more time to compose your question, and add the error with all it's details.