Does Pfsense support Radius authentication for Wireless?

  • I have had a search and cannot find a definite answer…
    Can you configure Pfsense to use a radius server to authenticate users connecting to the wireless interface?

    i don't see any configuration for a Radius server on the wireless interface configuration page, but at the bottom of the page, there is an option to enable IEEE802.1x authentication. But this option does't seem to make a difference.


  • Backend only, you can modify the hostadp config generated from pfsense to allow such use.

    The file in question is /etc/inc/ (look for function interfaces_wireless_configure) and edit the config section that comes after:

                    case 'hostap':
                            if (isset($wlcfg['wpa']['enable'])) {
                                    $wpa .= <<

    This is the portion that takes all the variables set in the web GUI and creates the hostapd_"if-name".conf file. "man hostapd" for more information.