Snort P2P Rules - Torrenting Still Existing

  • Hello! I was wondering if anybody knows why my Snort isn't able to block torrents. I'll post screenshots then continue about what confuses me more:

    Offenders are getting blocked according to my block list, although I read another post where this guy had the same problem as me and people said he was only in alert mode even though he stated that he sees them in the block list, so is there somewhere I can turn the block mode on? In the screenshots Block Offenders is checked.

    I have snort_p2p & openappid_p2p_file_sharing, went into them and made sure bittorrents specifically aren't allowed, and it gives notifs and blocks them but the traffic still downloads.

  • Do you have Snort on your Wan and Lan?

  • I apologize, I didn't even notice the flaw. I have this anti-torrenting setup on my VPN interface, I want to allow torrenting on my WAN because I know the traffic inside my network and who's doing what, my dad and I are the main torrenters. However, I give VPNs out to friends who torrent and I'd rather have them off, just because I don't know what they're downloading.

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