[SOLVED] giving WAN access to a single host

  • I thought this would be a simple task. I have a single device on a subnet and I only want that single device to be able to access the WAN.

    I have attached my firewall table for that subnet. Notice the WAN pass rule passes nothing and the default block rule blocks numerous packets. All the blocked packets are for WAN ip addresses from

    Why wouldn't typical internet traffic match the 3rd row?


  • WAN net is only the subnet your WAN address belongs to, resulting from the WAN address and the associated mask.

    If you want to open up Internet access the destination has to be any. When other subnets should not be allowed put them in an alias and set the alias at destination combined with the "invert" check.

  • Hello

    The rule should be changed.

    WAN NET = WAN "NETWORK" ( entire subnet)
    WAN ADDRESS  = WAN  "IP"  Address

    Try to change destination of your rule (3rd row)  follows :  change destination  from WAN NET to  Any (*)  , as this is a basic FW rule to allow access to Internet.

    Add another rule bellow this one on LAN interface :

    Action Block
    Interface LAN

    Source *
    Protocol *
    Port *
    Destination *


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