Inbound setup for VoIP(Vicidial) with 1 static IP

  • Guys just wanna ask if somebody can help me with configuring my inbound on my Vicidial server. When doing outbound calls there is no problem as the dialer can easily handshake with my voip's public IP. Currently I have only 1 public static IP provided by my vpn provider as my current Internet Connection is LTE, asked already to my current ISP provider if they can provide a static IP but they don't have any available for LTE connection.

    will also posting this question in Vicidial forum

  • Are you hosting some kind of SIP server or are you just trying to get your VOIP clients to work?

  • thanks for the reply @chpalmer, just wanna get my voip clients to work. when doing an outbound calling I don't have any problem but for my inbound I work it out.

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