How to stop pfblockerNG from blocking sites??

  • Foolishly when I installed pfblockerNG I failed to consider how blocking online advertisers would effect my ability to shop online. Now if I google an item that I want to purchase I just get a 1x1 pixel page. I tried whitelisting the blocked sites in the "alerts" tab, but that just results in another block alert the next time I try to visit the site and if I try whitelisting again I get a message that the site is already whitelisted. I have deleted all my IPv4 listings and their associated rules. I've run multiple updates in pfb. I even tried clearing the cache on my browser. What did I miss? My goal now is just to block malicious traffic, but not sure how to remove the blocks for ads?

  • After you have whitelisted a few sites in DNSBL, to settle things, run a Force Update DSNBL.

  • @RonpfS:

    After you have whitelisted a few sites in DNSBL, to settle things, run a Force Update DSNBL.

    I tried that. The alerts tab showed that the sites were still being blocked and were also white listed. Even after running the update.

  • most domain names ended up TLD if you enabled TLD.

    For example :

    grep /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.conf

    grep /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.conf

    grep /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.conf

    local-data: " 60 IN A"
    local-zone: "" redirect local-data: " 60 IN A"

    If you put in Custom whitelist, it won't whitelist it as any request forĀ  * will give the VIP adress.

    So if you want whitelist to all subdomain *, you had * to the Custom whitelist.

    If you want to only whitelist then you have to put in the TLD Exclusion List. Do a Force Reload DNSBL, now instead of collapsing all domain names into *, it will just collect all domain names as they are listed in the tables. This could increase the number of Domain in DNSBL by hundreds.

    After the Force Reload DNSBL, you can then whitelist any domain from the Alerts Tab or with Custom Whitelist.

    When you are done whitelisting domains, I recommend to run Force Reload DNSBL to settle things. Sometimes whitelisting temporary vanishes at Cron Update if the table containing the whitelisted domain names isn't downloaded, then magically return at next Cron update that download the table)