Best VPN service that is FREE

  • hi all,

    just want to know what VPN service you guys use if that is you do use any

    i want a free one but i know its impossible as they will normally come with limitations like bandwith, ads and not many devices etc

    if not free i want one where i pay on a monthly basis like up to $2/$3 dollars a month

    i know some say only $3.xx a month but thats for a 2 year plan so its $79 that goes out your credit card all in one go, so thats why i want a monthly one

    eg ipvanish, nordvpn, purevpn, PIA, tunnelbear, torguard, protonvpn



  • Rebel Alliance

    TOR is free…

    Or just roll your own.. I have multiple vps that I can run vpn connection through.. They are like 15$ a year!!

  • does it allow P2P

    what do you mean run your own…

    i have made an openvpn server on my pfsense machine at home and at work i can connect to it on my pc and on my mobile and i have made a VM pfsense with openvpn server at work and can connect to it from home so i can work from home after hours

    but i want to hide from my ISP when im at home so they cant snoop on me

  • Rebel Alliance

    I get a vps.. I run openvpn on it, I create a client connection to them that is what I mean by roll my own..

    As to running p2p..  So your wanting to hide from your isp knowing the illegal shit your doing but you can not afford more than $3 a month and it can not be a year in advance.. hehehe ok.. Maybe not do a hobby you can not afford would be some better advice ;)

    You will have to check with the runners of the vps and what country they are in to what they allow or don't allow.. You made no statement in our OP that you wanted to circumvent any sort of laws with this FREE solution ;)  If you want a low cost solution just get a seedbox.. Do whatever you want on that ;)

  • wind scribe often has lifetime membership options for 30 dollars its been pretty good for me.

  • thanks john

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