Comcast xfinity (residential) non-responsive

  • Hello,

    I have been beating my head against comcast for a while now.  I would really like to go native ipv6.

    1. my cablemodem is in bridged mode
    2. my wan port is set to dhcpv6 (and dhcp for ipv4)
      2.5) I am requesting via ipv4 connectivity
      2.6) i am requesting prefix size 60
      2.7) I am sending a prefix hint
    3. ipv4 works fine.

    I see the link-local addresses for both wan and upstream, but no global ipv6 at all.

    I haven't configured my lan as I am using hurricane electric at the moment.

    When I filter the dhcp logs for dhcp6c, all I see is:

    Jan 2 20:47:39 dhcp6c 85061 extracted an existing DUID from /var/db/dhcp6c_duid: 00:01:00:01:21:df:12:d0:00:0d:b9:21:55:e4
    Jan 2 20:47:39 dhcp6c 85061 failed to open /usr/local/etc/dhcp6cctlkey: No such file or directory
    Jan 2 20:47:39 dhcp6c 85061 <3>["/var/etc/"] (31)
    Jan 2 20:47:39 dhcp6c 85061 /var/etc/dhcp6c_wan.conf:3 IA_PD (0) is not defined

    What do I do?