User Manager and VPN Status page

  • I have been using pfsense for a couple year but never used user manager related staff. So please let me know if this is the right place and if any more information required.

    Basically I need to give some users access to VPN status page only so they can check the status of the VPN, also stop and restart the service when required.

    I created a group, granted the following privileges and assigned users into the group.

    WebCfg - Status: OpenVPN Allow access to the 'Status: OpenVPN' page.
    WebCfg - Status: System Logs: OpenVPN Allow access to the 'Status: System Logs: OpenVPN' page.
    WebCfg - OpenVPN: Clients Allow access to the 'OpenVPN: Clients' page.
    WebCfg - OpenVPN: Client Specific Override Allow access to the 'OpenVPN: Client Specific Override' page.

    The user can see the OpenVPN Status page with no issue. However the restart and stop button are just not working.

    If I log in as admin then the buttons work fine.

    Are there anything extra I have to do to make the buttons working?

  • Developer Netgate

    Try adding "WebCfg - Status:Services"

  • WebCfg - Status: OpenVPN  Allow access to the 'Status: OpenVPN' page

    This one should do it unless there is a bug

  • Developer Netgate

    The OP has already enabled that. There is no bug.

    "WebCfg - Status:Services" is required since you are accessing a Service from a Status page.

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