Noob - Can't connect to the webGUI

  • Hey everybody :)

    Today i have tried installing pfsense 2.4.2 on vmware and i'm having this issue where i can't connect to the webgui. i have watched so many youtube videos and forum posts but none seem to work. i'm guessing that my settings are wrong.

    i have 2 network adapters, my wan (bridged, network card) and lan (host only)

    in pfsense my wan (em0) gets the ip v4/dhcp4: and the lan (em1) is v4:

    when i try to connect to my lan ip i simply get a time-out on my browser.

    can anyone help me out of this misery? :)


  • Hi,

    The device you use to connect to pfSEnse, did it get an IP from the DHCP server running on pfSense ?

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