FIOS and Pfsense Integration

  • Yeaterday, I have migrated from comcast to FIOS. I am only using FIOS for data and so I have requested that Verizon to give me the data over ethernet from ONT, so that I can plug  WAN port of pfsense into it. I  do not want to user their MoCA router. I did not get any resistance from VZ tech in provisioning the data over ethernet from the ONT.  He also left the actiontec router  with me and I am planning to use it as a wireless accesspoint for the time being. Later if I want I can use the router as a bridge to get TV also from Fios. Right now I am happy with FIOS for data and TV from comcast.

  • What is your question?

  • Maybe just a tip for people looking at switching to FIOS?

  • Sorry for not being very clear in my post. I wanted to let pfsense users to know  that it is not that hard to get verizon to provision the data over ethernet so that you can  use pfsense instead of actiontec.

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