Multiwan with 2 ISP's and one NIC

  • Would like to do multiwan on a system with just one NIC available for its WAN side.

    To do this, ADSL router A was connected to ADSL router B via one cable, and to the pfsense system via another cable and all were set to static IP's.

    That is, routers A and B were set to and respectively and pfsense's WAN interface was set to

    Created a gateway group with the two router IP's above. Put this group as the gateway in the appropriate firewall rule under LAN.

    But only one gateway ends up being used (the one you put under "IPv4 Upstream gateway" in the WAN interface configuration).

    Any workaround so both gateways are used in turns?

  • Am I allowed to run a command like the following?

    ip route add default scope global nexthop via dev em0 weight 1 nexthop via dev em0 weight 1

    The above command works in the linux version if you first run ip route del default and replace em0 with eth0.

    How is the same done in pfsense?

    Alternatively, how about using a pfsense VM to make the one NIC look like two virtual NIC's with different gateways associated, and a second pfsense VM that does standard multiwan?

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