Where does ntopng get hostnames from?

  • In looking at the :3000/lua/hosts_stats.lua?mode=local page (hosts, filtered by local only) I'm seeing a bunch of entries in the 'Name' column that don't correspond to the actual entries for those IP addresses.  I'm seeing text that doesn't appear in the /etc/hosts or the DNS.

    I can run nslookup on the pfsense machine and it does not return the name ntopng is showing.  I can also look up the IP via 'genent hosts x.x.x.x' and it likewise does not bring up the Name showing in ntopng.

    I'm running ntopng Community Edition v.3.2.180119 on a 2.4.3-DEVELOPMENT amd64 pfSense install.

    I've got pfsense set up for DHCP and DNS service to the local network.  Just about everything has a static lease.  They're all showing up reliably and consistently using name lookups from other hosts on the local network.  So the DHCP/DNS parts of the pfsense seem to be configured properly/effectively.

    Where else might ntopng be looking for this Name info?  And how can I either stop it from doing that, and using either /etc/hosts or the local DNS server?  Is there some database of the hostnames it's keeping?  Can I purge that list and have it re-do it's lookups?

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