Openvpn gateway monitor always reads 100% loss

  • The titles I think is self explanatory. Pretty much I have 2 seperate networks in my home, 1 for standard usage and the other for the purpose of international material, in this case a vpn for US multimedia in Canada. The connection works perfectly and speeds are not an issue nor is real packet loss. However the vertual gateway always reads 100% packet loss. I wanted to see if it was possible to use the monitor for real as the vpn I purchased restarts every day on there end at the same time roughly. Witch is not a problem at all for my needs. So down to the details

    Network 1 (wan link to wimax antenna)
    Network 2 (standard usage network)
    Network 3 (US vpn network)
    Network 4 (tunnel network)
    Network 5 (vertual gateway network)

    Openvpn is configured with the usual auto login profile downloaded from there server and the link works perfectly. My only question is if anyone has got an the monitoring to work properly

  • The openvpn client (at least with PIA) typically does not show the real gateway automatically. If your client / interface got assigned a (e.g.), it may show as the "gateway", which will typically not be pingable. You can manually change the monitor IP to something like or something else on the internet that you know will respond to pings. Global DNS providers (google, openDNS are an example).


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