Help NATing two VPNs

  • Hello all and thanks in advance. I have a PFSense box on a VPS with the idea that I want to make a VPN router in the sky. Essentially, I have 3 site-to-site (S2S) VPNs to different LANs (one setup now as I try to get one leg working first) and one remote access (RA) VPN so I can connect from wherever.

    I have the first S2S setup and the RA VPN but I am having an issue where my PFSense box can ping other end of the S2S but my RA clients can't. The RA VPN is set to tunnel all traffic. I believe that it is a NAT issue. Here are my current NAT rules. Access_IP is the IP of my PFSense box on the S2S, is the network on the other side of the S2S, and the tunnel network of the RA VPN is In my mind this should work but obviously I am missing something.

    Thanks again for your help.

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