PPP and pfSense in BRIDGED mode

  • I'm trying to set up a box that uses internal LTE (3g/4g) module to get an internet connection, and offers the only IP address from that connection to an ethernet port - that is, a bridge configuration that wouldn't mess with the traffic at all, including no NAT.

    I can get a public IP address from my service provider, so the problem is how to pass it to an ethernet port.

    I found this HowTo document:
    On page 6 it has a figure that wery much corresponds what I'm trying to do. BUT…

    The internal miniPCIe LTE-module (Sierra MC7455 or Huawei ME909u-521) requires me to use PPP as WAN IPv4 configuration type. And the document shows on page 15 how I should set the WAN configuration type to 'none' to make the bridging work.

    Is it possible at all to build a box that uses LTE internet connection, and doest not NAT that connection to LAN but forwards the single IP address untouched to the next box (that for some not-detailed-here reason requires a public IP)?

    I somehow end into conflict with the two different WAN configuration types (PPP and NONE) here...

    Has anyone built a box of this type? That is, a bridged LTE "modem" that gives a public IP, and the box had a separate management interface with its own private IP address?

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