Whitelisting IP Address through Pfsense

  • Hi

    I have installed pfsense successfully.

    Now I want to whitelist Public Ip Address so that I can access machines on pfsense Network through that Public Ip Address .

    Can anyone please help me.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You mean you want to forward traffic to something behind pfsense on a rfc1918 from say a specific source IP on the public internet.. Like is the only box that can hit 80 on your pfsense wan and get forwarded to

  • Hi Team,

    I want to remove IP address from pfsense and i am trying remove IP , am getting an error " is not a valid IPv4 address or could not be deleted "

    So please help how to remove it from ARP table ..

    Thanks in advance ..

  • From this table pfSenese => Diagnostics => ARP Table ?
    Did you saw the Expire in xxx sec ?
    When the device using the (not) mentioned IP isn't there anymore, it will disappear.

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