After upgrade and configuration restore - unable to access update-settings tab

  • (for the umpteenth time…)

    Almost every time I perform an hw (and pfsense) upgrade, after reloading an old configuration, I consequently realize I cannot access the System-Update-Update_settings tab anymore. If I try, I get a "504 Gateway Time-out error".

    I can solve the problem restoring "factory defaults" but when I reload the old configuration, it comes back.

    It is obviously a configuration issue but - as setups are very complex to be manually re-entered from scratch - I'm wondering if I can amend the config.xml file.

    In trying to figure out what's missing in my old configuration files, I noticed they're always missing the "firmware", "gitsync" and "pkg_repo_conf_path" keys/values in the "system" key from config.xml (all recalled in system_update_settings.php).

    As nobody modified config.xml manually before, I suppose these keys got lost during some recent upgrade process, so I think this could be a workaround for many other users upgrading older systems experiencing the same issue.

    Can anybody please supply an excerpt of a working config.xml file for the afore said keys in order me to restore proper operation?

    Thanks in advance.