• I have a strange, occasional issue with my SG-1000.

    It normally runs fine for very long periods of time under load, (2+ months with a site-to-site VPN running at 5 Mbps), however, whenever I log in to tinker with it, after a while it will cut out.  I'm normally on the other side of the VPN, to be clear.

    The Internet will be down for clients on the LAN side of the SG-1000, but the VPN stays up, and while I can ping local clients from the other side of the VPN, connections such as SSH timeout.  (To both the SG-1000, and my local FreeNAS) If it weren't for those connections timing out, I could just login to my FreeNAS, and access the terminal of the pfsense using cu to reboot it, but unfortunately I have to drive out to where the SG-1000 is and reboot it locally.

    The SG-1000 is always responsive on the terminal when in this condition.

    Any ideas what might be causing this?  Where to look for appropriate logs for what might be going on?

  • Netgate Administrator

    The first place to check would be in the system log covering the period is stopped responding.

    Your description sounds like what happens if you exhaust the firewall state table, that would be logged if so.

    It could also be a php issue if you are always using the webgui when it fails. That too would be logged.