DNS overwriting to 3rd party on Wan interface of pfsense is NOT taking effect.

  • Hell guys. So i wanted to change comcast default dns server on wan interface to other google dns or opendns. So i went to general setup and dns server settings and i put in for dns server.
    For gateway i tried both none and wan default ip address.

    Then i go to DNS server Override and i uncheck allow dns server list to be overrriden by dhcp on wan (comcast dns)

    I save which applies settings and i go to whoer.net and ipleak.net and it still list comcast dns server as resolving dns.

    So then i rebooted pfsense to see if maybe it needs reboot to take affect. No luck still comcast dns. I'm on lastest 2.4.2 release.

    I also did ipconfig /flushdns and relunch browser on whoer.net to make sure it's not cached version and it isn't

    Any thoughts guys. On my asus router which is now AP this was never an issue and it works like a charm. Thank you in adance.

  • so i did dns lookup on pfsense directly and it shows correct dns server open dns.

    However from pc connect to my Asus in Access point mode which don't have dns running it still shows comcast dns 73.xx.etc.

    I did ipconfig /flushdns and went to asus AP and did root# killall -1 dnsmasq to flush dns from AP but Shell return nothing to kill as service is not running rightfully as asus AP is in AP mode only so no dns, dhcp running but both of my pc and laptop shows comcast dns on whoer.net and ipleak.com. What gives guys?

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