Where is pfsense DNS host file at for dns resolver localhost

  • Guys my pfsense keeps defaulting to as primary dns server buy that server is NOT in dns server list and hasn't been in a while.

    On workstation i already clearned dns cache ipconfig /flushdns so pfsense is looking up some localhost file?

    I want L3 server to be primary as it's always the fastest for me yet pfsense keep defaulting to which is 50% slower.

    This is my 3rd thread. No one responded to other threads either. Not sure what's going on here. What's the point of forum if no one is willing to help out. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  • Take a look in /etc/resolv.conf

  • thanks bud…i just did it's only listing those but no At one point was on the bottom of the dns sever but since i have remove it and pfsense was restarted at least few times.

    search localdomain

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    So exactly what is using

    Trace the flow:

    This host is configured to use X.X.X.X and Y.Y.Y.Y

    X.X.X.X or Y.Y.Y.Y is querying Why?

    Answer that.

  • Thank you. I went nuclear and i reimaged my entire pc from scratch and I also nuked pfsense box and reformated and reinstalled pfsense from scratch. It was driving my crazy.

    Maybe my pc had traced of malware although malwarebytes showed clean. It still shows hijacked or incorrect ips in namebench. Not sure why that is, is this norma?

    How do i improve pfsense dns resolver as it's 1800% slower then my chose dns server Level3. It takes full second on avr to resolve dns. Pretty poor performance. Anyway to improve that. I'm still at defaults.

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    How many times you going to post this garbage?

    That tool is a joke and clearly doesn't know how to validate from Authoritative NS, nor what a CDN is or how geoip works… Clearly you can get different addresses for a fqdn from different ns, especially when they are in different regions of the world..

    Does this crap tool really think that www.google.com would on 1 IP?  Same goes for your other ones twitter...

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