Packets from phase1 bound to CARP VIP do not have the right source address

  • Hi,
    I reported an issue which apparently isn't a bug:
    I have a cluster with one member having a wan IP of I have configured a CARP VIP of on the wan interface.
    I have several phase1 configurations, all of them are bound to the VIP Interface and the ipsec logs show:

    charon: 05[NET] <con73000|1>sending packet: from[500] to xxxxxxxx[500] (360 bytes)</con73000|1> 

    However, running tcpdump on the wan interface shows that the packets are not sent from the VIP but from the interface address:

    IP > xxxxxxx.500: isakmp: phase 1 I agg

    I had to force an outbound NAT in order for my packets to originate from the VIP and not the interface address. Before I added this rule, I had no outbound NATs defined.

    I have a similar setup in a 2.3 cluster and I don't see this behaviour.

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