Setup ESXi with one physical NIC to multiple WANs

  • Hi guys.
    I have a serious problem with my dedicated ESXi.

    In the data center that i have my ESXi, they doesnt work with MAC addresses but they send my the Static IPs.
    How can i setup the networks on ESXi, and then the pfSense…

    My center infrastructure is three Wan IPs for three different companies-infrastructure. I create three virtual networks for lan but my problem is the Wans network.

  • I'm trying to do Mac Filter for the following scneario. Maybe I'm completely missing the point here and there's an easier way to do this.

    We have an Asterisk Voip Server behind the router, and the way we have been able to block all hackers from attacking the server is apply a rule by IP. (If we disable this rule in a couple of days we have tens of bots trying to exploit our servers passwords).

    Till now this has worked, because we mostly have remote employees and they update their IP via an DynDNS Api and are able to be granted access to the server, furthermore, their IP does not change regularly, maybe once a week or once a month.

    The problem arises, when we decided to be able to add a softphone to employees' mobile phones. In this case their IPs are changing by the hour and its not a viable solution for them to have to update their IP 20 times a day to have access to the server.

    This is why we were thinking applying some mac firewall to only allow to the server the approved employee devices. Does this make sense?

    I'm not sure if currenty PFSense allows this or if theres another solution.


    Ricardo Malla

  • you don't understand my problem  :(

  • For one interface you must run vlans, you have no choice.  You will then need a vlan capable switch.

    I would recommend multiple nics If you run multiple nics, you assign 2 direct to your pfsense virtual host, you will need a 3rd for all other hosts and management.

    These are your 2 options.

    Both are easily found on google or these forums for set up.

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