Port forwarding on IP addresses other than WAN Address

  • Hi All,

    So I have a an issue that is confusing me a little.
    I have a multiple External IP addresses that I've added to the router as VIPs after reading that was the way to do it in pfsense. I'm slightly confused when port forwarding though.
    I add a NAT>Portforward with the following settings:
    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: TCP
    Destination: (select VIP for the external IP I want to port forward)
    Destination Port Range: From: https To: HTTPS
    Redirected Target IP:
    Redirected Port: HTTPS
    NAT Reflection: Use System Defaults

    When I test the port externally it's saying the port is closed and nothing appears to get through. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but can't figure out what.
    Any help would be awesome!


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  • @Grimson:


    Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.
    I've already been through that troubleshooting guide and as far as I can see everything should work. I'll remove the rules I've created and go again from the start I think to see if I've made any silly mistake I haven't noticed.


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    Well one of the steps in the troubleshooting is to sniff to make sure the traffic your wanting to forward is actually getting to your wan to be forwarded.  If you see the traffic get there, then validate it is being sent out the lan side interface to your destination IP.. If so then pfsense is doing what you told it to do, if the client doesn't answer maybe there is a firewall on that host, maybe that host uses a different gateway then pfsense.

    Quite often that traffic never even gets to pfsense for it to forward, or user puts in wrong dest IP, or maybe even that service is not even listening on that port your forwarding to, etc.

    Troubleshooting a port forward really should take no more than a couple of minutes to validate traffic via a sniff.

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