Pfsense - SquidGuard

  • Hi.

    I installed squidguard and it works great. but I have 2 questions:
    1.Why do I have to set a squid Proxy server first to let it work ?

    2. The squidguard only works when I set the squid proxy server Transparent HTTP Proxy: Enabled.
    what is the explanation for that behavior ?

  • Questions about squid/squidguard should be directed to the Cache/Proxy forum.

    1.  squidguard depends on squid.  squid does the fetching/caching and squidguard does the filtering.  Two seconds on Google and you would have found this out on your own.

    2.  squidguard works regardless of whether squid is explicit or transparent.  What you are seeing is that you don't have any tcp 80/443 blocks on LAN, so all your clients just go straight out without any filtering because a) they are not aware of your proxy and b) you don't block them from doing so.

    Please post any followup questions to the appropriate forum.

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