Vlan Trunk - Transparent Mode

  • I have setup a pfsense box as a transparent firewall, it is between my Cisco router and first cisco switch:




    The port on the router and the switch facing the firewall are both trunk ports as the network has many vlans for all of the data.

    How do i setup the LAN and WAN or OPT1 interfaces on PFSENSE to be vlan trunks?

    The vlans i have are 1,10,20,30,100 and if possible they dont each want to have an IP on the pfsense box due to space requirements, but that can be worked around if needed

    Please can someone help?

  • did you ever solve this problem?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why would the traffic that flows from your core switch to your router not not just be transit network… Why would there be many vlans on this connection tagged?

    If you want pfsense to see tagged traffic then you would need to create vlans for each tag and then bridge those..  But normally when you say core switch its doing L3 so it becomes downstream router to your edge.. So in this case the traffic should just be transit network and no reason to carry multiple tagged vlans in the first place.

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