Pfsense in virtualbox unable to connect to webconfigurator

  • I'm trying to setup pfsense on an old Dell box with only 1 NIC in Virtualbox. I want to setup a transparent proxy with squid and also do squidguard to filter websites.
    My network topology is this:
    internet –-> ADSL modem with router ---> TP-Link AP ----> Kids Chromebooks and other devices
                                                old Dell box (with 1 NIC running Ubuntu Mate 17.10)
                                                    pfsense (in Virtualbox)

    I have zero experience with pfsense in virtualized setups, what would be the best way to do what I need to do?  Thanks for your help.

  • Your life would be a lot easier if you would just add another NIC and install pfSense as the primary OS instead of within virtualbox.  Do you need that Ubuntu instance?

  • Notice my username "coconuts", I am living on a small outcropping of coral which is an island in the Pacific Ocean. It would take about 1 month for me to get a NIC off of Ebay, Amazon, or any online retailer to my destination. So I am trying to figure out if it is possible to do this using virtualized instance of an extra NIC in Virtualbox. I run Ubuntu because its free and I don't think it is safe to use a pirated version of Microsoft Windows.

    Anyway, I got pfsense installed in Virtualbox with the wan bridged to my host (ubuntu) NIC, this works, and I've used it to install squid, squidguard, lightsquid, darkstat, and maybe freeradius later. However, I don't know how I should configure the lan interface in Virtualbox so I can route all wireless traffic from the TP-Link to pfsense then out/in from the cloud.

    If this is doable, please let me know. Thanks

  • With only one hardware NIC you will need at least a VLAN-capable switch. So you can define VLANs for WAN and LAN between pfSense and the switch and the switch will separate the networks again. But I'm in doubt you have one on stock.

    pfSense can only filter traffic between interfaces.

  • Notice my username "coconuts", I am living on a small outcropping of coral which is an island in the Pacific Ocean.

    Notice my username "KOM", which means 'frozen wasteland' in some language.  I am living on a small outcropping of ice which is currently freezing my ass.

    I hate you already.  ;D

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