Firewall State details

  • Hi,

    Lately I have noticed that when I reload the filter (after creating a rule or changing their order), that the filter stops collecting details
    about existing states such as amount of packets and bytes transferred, and resets the counter for existing states back to zero.

    Did anyone else encounter such a problem or knows how to fix it?

    I`m running pfSense version 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 on an old SuperMicro server.

  • Hi,

    A Filter reload - I used Status => Filter Reload, resets the states, the left part of the / but not the right part, the byte counter.
    What I make from it : when a rule is changed, the entire firewall is flushed and reloaded from scratch.
    I guess, when a rules is just edited, the byte counter persists.
    States are reset, I consider that as normal.
    Data collection continues …

    Btw : I'm not using packages that could impact the firewall.

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