Install PFSense on a Sophos SG appliance

  • Hi there, My name is Gozzi
    It is not a secret anymore: Sophos UTM SG and XG sucks! I won't continue with that "technology"!
    My support is about to end with Sophos and I have 2 SG330 and 2 SG550 which is fairly good hardware.

    Did anyone ever successfully installed PFSense on those type of Sophos appliances ? I can't try yet since there are online, and I need to know if it's possible before I get my management agree to abandon Sophos แทงบอลเงินสด
    It would be awesome to recycle those to PFSense

    Thank you

  • Searching for 'pfsense sophos sg330' shows lots of people successfully installing pfSense on these units.

  • Curious as to why you dislike Sophos.  I have a couple of customers that have asked me to look into deploying it for them.  Happy to take this offline. Thanks!