PfSense box HD died (kinda) question

  • So I had a pfSense box setup and configured and working properly for a few weeks.  This morning the network was down.  I hooked up a monitor and saw that the box was throwing SMART errors on the drive upon reboot.  I immediately hooked up a new hard drive and tried to clone the drive.  It threw some bad sector errors during transfer and eventually it looks like the box rebooted itself due to the hard drive throwing itself offline.  Long story short, is there anyway to take the config files off this hard drive through a Mac or Windows box and transfer them manually to the new hard drive I'm going to load pfSense back on to?  Does pfSense create any auto-backup's anywhere I can pull from, etc?  Thanks.

  • I was able to pull the config.xml off the drive.  I was hoping to do a Install with Recover Config.xml option but everytime I select it during the install it just shoots me right back to the 1,2,3 options.

  • ok, i figured it out.  Basically just formatted a flash drive fat32, copied the config.xml to /conf/config.xml and ran a fresh install.  It seems to have pulled the data from the .xml file into the new install automatically.  After the reboot i unplugged the flash drive and it booted up complete with the WAN, lan, VPN, etc configs intact.

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