Is there a "howto" for NordVPN IKEV2 somewhere here?

  • For some reason I have a lousy speed on OpenVPN, and my reason to try pfSense is that I found out from a google search that it supports site to site IKEV2. At least that's how I understood the post I found:

    Jimp says there: "You can use IKEv2 for site-to-site" So I downloaded and installed pfSense, and now i'm pretty much stuck because I can't understand how to do that. I'm not a programmer or IT specialist, but I would consider myself a power user. I'm used to M0n0wall (which isn't maintained anymore) and all kinds of routers and stuff, and I run full servers both at my house and my cabin.  ;D Home automation is another thing I do a lot, but this is a bit out of my league, it seems. So is there some kind of a howto either for NordVPN specifically or for setting up a client side IKEV2 tunnel? Please?  ;)

  • In case anybody else hopes to try this, I have just been on a chat with NordVPN, and they told me that not even their experts had managed to get that working. They were hoping that it may be possible in the future, maybe with a change in pfSense. I have no idea what kind of change that would have to be, but so far it seems like I'm out of luck.  :(

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