Is 2.4.3 kernel including this fix

  • Hi,

    Is the 11.1p7 kernel included in the 2.4.3 release including this patch:

    Many thanks.

    PS: I have a HPE DL160Gen9 that gone crazy with its iLO system not removing the virtual 256MB read only SD Card and this prevents the 11.1p6 kernel to boot up (Fatal trap 9). 10.3p19 is  not suffering from this issue. I am working with HPE to understand why the system is doing that (google says I am not the only one…)

    The issue is that in 11.1p6 it tries to write to the read only SDCard and then panic in g_vfs_strategy. The above patch should ensure a write protected mass storage should not end up with a reboot loop...

  • Today is the day I reply to myself.

    My current workarround:  disabling the umass driver with a device hint

    add the line  hint.umass.0.disabled="1"

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