• Hello,

    I am having some issues with my SG-1000.

    I have my SG-1000 connected to my 40 down 10 up connection with two IPSEC links setup. The device runs DHCP and DNS services.
    Speed is sufficient and normally the device is lovely.

    Unfortunately I am experiencing an issue where the device just seems to lock up.
    The connections from my devices just stop. The device's IP does not respond to pings, the web gui does not function although the lights on the NICs still flash slowly.

    It seems to happen every 3-4 weeks. In previous occurrences I've got notification while not at the site and the problem does not self resolve. Rebooting the device manually does reinstate the connection.

    Has anyone else with an SG-1000 had problems like this?

  • Galactic Empire

    What pfSense version are you running?

  • This happened on the original firmware mainly.

    I updated to 2.4.3-RELEASE (arm)  not long ago and it happened again today.

  • Galactic Empire

    Okay, in that case please submit a ticket so our support can take a look. Thank you!

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