IP address on OPT1 (DSL connection) keeps changing several times a day

  • I have pfsense installed on a virtual machine using VMWare server 2.0 for linux. We're using Centos 5.2 as the host OS. It's setup with two DSL connections. The WAN port is a static IP for our IP phones. And the OPT1 interface is DHCP for our internet. The problem we are have is that the IP address on OPT1 keeps changing several times a day and there is a 15-20 loss of internet connectivity. Normally the IP address wouldn't change for months a time. Is there anything that I can configure to keep it's IP address longer? Any assistance would be great.

  • Have you checked what the DHCP lease time of the server is?
    If the DHCP-server has a short lease time and doesnt allow to keep the old IP there is not much you can do besides call your ISP and ask if you can buy a static IP.

  • I managed to fix it. On the DSL modem itself there was on option where you can actually set the DHCP lease time. It was set by default to every 10 minutes. I set it to 365 days and seems to have fixed the problem. I'm not sure why it was not a problem before with our old pfsense box. But I guess the problem for the time being is resolved.

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