Advice on hardware.

  • I started using Pfsense last week on an a dell gx240 p4 1.6ghz 256mb ram and 4gb hdd (Spare hdd i had laying around) 3x Nics (onboard + 2 PCI)

    I've just the other day setup Load balancing although at the moment it's failedover to wan1 so i can't fully test the config (activation for the DSL i have connected to wan2 is sheduled for Monday)

    Once Both Wans are UP I should have ~ 22 down ~ 2.3 Up *2 (depending on how the ADSL syncs on the day) so ~ 40down 4 up.

    Now I'm fairly confident that my configuration should work (We will see Monday) however the catch is that my Lines's come in in my living room.  Now while the TV or somethign it is on its fine but if the rooms quiet all you can hear is the Pfsense box, also it's quite unsightly.

    I was there wondering if something like this would be upto the job as the sizing guide seems to suggest 500mhz minimum for 50Mbit/s

    I also want to use VPN although that would be limited to ~2Mbit/s anyway I suspect (Upstream of one of the DSL lines) < is the case i'd use.

    As I was thinking of getting one and sticking it in the cuboard where my DSL modems and Wireless AP sit (PC is to the side of it as it's to big to fit)

  • Since it's an ALIX it should be ok.,12766.0.html might interrest you.

  • In the meantime I'm going to backup my config, poweroff the machine then Unplug the Hard-drive then boot it off the livecd and see if i can use a USB stick to store the config as I think it's not actually the fans that are making all the noise but the HDD.

    Didn't work  :o

    changed the hdd for the other drive i had (40gb) at least its much quieter

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