Pfsense behind windows DC, firewall and router - need windows server access

  • Greetings forumites!

    I'm not sure if this is a FW or NAT issue, so my appologies in advance.

    I'm somewhat tech savy, and have been using pfsense for years at home SOHO setup.  I need it to work at my office now, but the office has a windows domain controller, i believe some commercial brand of firewall and router.  It also has a server i use daily for office work.

    I've got the pfsense WAN working to where i can access the internet on my work PC, but i need to be able to access the work data server.  on wan, i put the domain name, and i changed the gateway so i can access the internet (had to do this before to SSH to home from office).  My LAN on pfsense is a different subnet.

    Do i need to do a firewall rule, or do i need to do a NAT rule?  Or, in the alternative, do i need to do something else?

  • Not clear on what you're doing.  Draw a simple network diagram to show what you're doing.  If you are on your office LAN along with your server, you should be able to access it directly.

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