SG-1000 performance

  • Connected to my ISP via an ASUS RT-88U I see speeds of 150Mbps down and 6 Mbps up. Connected to the same line behind the SG-1000 I max out at around 10Mbps down and 4 Mbps up. I have tried following the various other performance threads without success. Trying to understand if I can match the 150Mbps down speed with the SG-1000. Any tips or help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Can you please try an unmanaged switch between the modem and the appliance's WAN interface, then retest and let us know how it performs?

    Also, is pfSense receiving a public or private (within RFC1918) address?

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  • pfsense is receiving a public address. I have now tried one of these switches between pfsense and the modem -, no change in speeds, 10Mbps down and 5Mbps up

  • pppoe or just ethernet?

    have you tried other cables? how about error readings on the interface? half duplex / full duplex ?

    need more intel to go on

  • ethernet connection on WAN and LAN. Have experimented with different cables and different duplex/speed settings on the WAN interface. The speeds do seem to be peak a little faster the first speed test following a reboot, but by the second speed test the peaks are closer to the average.

    Havent been able to find any errors associated with the interfaces, though not totally certain I am looking in the right places, will continue to dig around.

    One thing that did seem curious is that while I perform a speed test from a client connected to the LAN, I can see the following process is always the top CPU consumer, however never peaks above 5% CPU

      10 root      155 ki31    0K    8K RUN    13:54  88.33% [idle]
      11 root      -92    -    0K  176K WAIT    0:08  1.86% [intr{aintc0,41: cpswss0}]

    Still researching, posting this in case it makes others think of something.

    Thanks for the help here, any other tips greatly appreciated.

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    Mmm, if it's on;y passing 10Mbps, 86% idle seems about right. That process looks normal.

    Does it show a link at 1Gbps on both NICs? What exactly is it connected to on the WAN? What does your ISP provide there?


  • I think the attachment shows that both interfaces are negotiating 1Gbps? Is there a better way to check for both NICs showing a link at 1Gbps?

    I have tried 3 different connections on the WAN, all showing the same throughput. directly into a Netgear CM600 - Then behind that CM600 both a TP Link TL-SG108 -, and an ASUS RT-88U - connecting into the SG-1000.

    My ISP is comcast and the package is advertised as 150Mb/s download speed and 5Mb/s upload speed. with the CM600 as the modem and the ASUS router I have seen speeds slightly greater than these advertised speeds, even over wireless.

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    Have you ever seen a faster speed than that? Is this a new deployment? In a previous location perhaps? It looks like that device is ~6m old.


  • Quick glance suggests Interface(s) somehow negotiated down to 10BT. Interfaces statistics under Dashboard should tell you exactly what's what, but I suspect undisclosed configurations on your part doing it. Did it EVER worked properly when you newly installed pfsense BEFORE any configuration changes?

  • I regularly see faster speeds through my Asus router on the same cables. I had this device on a different connection prior to its current location and saw speeds better than they are now. When I moved the device I set it back to factory defaults and upgraded to the 2.4 release. I went ahead and flashed back to the factory image, but no change in speeds. The interface statistics in the dashboard show both interfaces at 1000T.

    At this point I am thinking there must be some optimization within pfsense configuration for this specific device…any ideas?

  • i would disable ip6 on the sg 1k and see if your speeds change

  • I have gone into Interfaces and set the IPv6 Configuration Type to none for both interfaces. I have also disabled the DHCPv6 Server & RA service. No change in speeds with any of these configuration changes. Are there other settings relevant to disabling IPv6?

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    Just to confirm these are the speeds you're seeing direct right? Not via VPN?


  • Have gone through those steps to disable IPv6, no change in speeds.

    And correct, this is just a direct connection to my ISP, no VPN connections.