UPnP on modem and router with pfsense

  • Sorry if there's an obvious answer to some, but I can't seem to find any clear info. I am new to pfsense. My network is ISP>Modem>pfsense>WIFI router. Everything in the house is connecting to that wireless router, there are no wired connections. Modem and router both have an option to disable UPnP. UPnP is not enabled on pfsense. My question is should I disable on either for any security reasons?

  • Additional info - I looked in the router's UPnP Portmap Table and I see my internal IP with 2 active entries. One for TCP another for UDP with same int/ext port number. But GRC Shields Up UPnP test says "THE EQUIPMENT AT THE TARGET IP ADDRESS DID NOT RESPOND TO OUR UPnP PROBES!" Thats for the IP address my modem shows to the outside world.
    I'm confused if my PC or network is somehow insecure.

  • Also, I am able to browse and open up Steam, etc without issues. I didn't have to open up any ports or do anything special. Well, I did set it to Pure NAT in pfsense advance firewall settings.

  • Does noone have any knowledge on my question?

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