Buggy GRE tunnels

  • Hello! I've been using GRE tunnels with pfSense for a little over a year now to run my servers through and they've definitely got their querks, but lately I've noticed them to be far less reliable and more and more buggy.

    They'll randomly go out and won't come back up until both firewalls are restarted, I see nothing in the logs except Error Code 13, it's making it hard to host servers when they go down randomly every few days. I'm running the latest pfSense and the packages I have installed are Snort, iPerf, and BandwidthD.

    The pictures are what I see, one side of the tunnel says they're connected just fine then the other side (my home pfSense) shows they're not connected and traffic can't pass through. It requires a full reboot to fix this. I can supply more info if asked for

  • Is there a place to go to get more logs to find out why my GRE tunnels randomly go down? It's a big problem, and is there a way to start the GRE tunnels back up instead of restarting pfSense?

    I've tried resetting state tables, reloading filters, disabling and enabling the GRE interface, and none of them work.

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