SG-1000 baby jumbos

  • Hi

    My ISP supports RFC 4638 and I use a PPPoE MTU of 1500 with my VDSL modem (Draytek 130). I have this working in pfSense 2.4.3p1 CE on a Jetway N3160 system with Intel I211 ethernet ports. In this case the MTU on the WAN port connection to the modem is set at 1508 and the PPPoE MTU at 1500.

    I'm trying to configure the same on a new SG-1000 (2.4.3p1). I can't seem to set the MTU on cpsw0 (the physical WAN connection to the modem)  to 1508; no matter what value I enter it seems to accept a maximum value of 1500. Consequently the PPPoE MTU defaults to 1492.

    Anyone able to help me with some pointers to getting this to work or confirm that the SG-1000 supports baby jumbos? I realise that the SG1000 has a switch port, but am not sure what I need to do with it.


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