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    All users of the old forum must reset their password to access the new forum!

    NodeBB uses bcrypt to hash passwords, SMF used SHA1. Because the password hashes are not compatible, passwords were removed during the conversion which locks the accounts. To get back into the forum, every user must reset their password. You can choose to use the same password used previously.

    Visit the password reset page at and enter the e-mail address associated with the account on the old forum. NodeBB will then send a link to reset the password.

    For security reasons the reset form will always claim it was successful in sending a reset email even if the address is not present in the forum database. If an email message does not arrive in a timely manner, most likely that was not the e-mail address associated with the forum account. Try using a different email address.

    If you are unable to reset your password or need assistance, send a message to with your forum username and other identifying information. We can then manually send a password reset email to the account.

    New users can register for a forum account at if they did not have an account on the previous forum.

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