weird traceroute results?

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    I just set up a openvpn client to a vpn provider. The way I set it up is through the use of aliases. When I put a specific IP in the alias it will go through the VPN. The rest should go through my normal wan. This seems to work, im not sure how to properly diagnose/see if this is the case so I tried a traceroute from a linux box.

    Using a website to show my public IP it shows I get an ip from the vpn provider when connecting from an IP in the vpn alias. When I do a trace route I get the following results:

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
     1 (  1.610 ms  1.607 ms  2.486 ms
     2 (  67.702 ms  67.680 ms  67.719 ms
     3  * * *
     4 (  9.602 ms  8.861 ms  9.486 ms
     5  * (  9.428 ms  10.432 ms
     6 (  9.355 ms  8.533 ms  9.316 ms
     7 (  9.426 ms  8.522 ms  10.242 ms
     8 (  9.298 ms  10.200 ms  9.248 ms

    It only shows me google's IP ? A tracert on windows only shows timeouts while ports to trace are open.

    Im using DNS-TLS, could this be the reason im not getting proper route results ?
    Is there any other way to properly check if the VPN connection / seperation of WAN / VPN is working correctly ?


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    @actionhenk said in weird traceroute results?:


    What you use for dns has nothing to do with that sort of loop.. So you using UDP would be my guess if your using traceroute from linux? Try icmp does that make it look more like what you think it should look like?

    If you go to whats my IP and you see your vpn IP, then your working correctly and sending traffic through your vpn. I just did the same thing, where I forced a client out a vpn connection I have to one of my vps running openvpn-as. And my traceroute reflects the new path correctly.

    You can see first is out my normal wan and isp, 2nd one is out my vpn connection.. Where you can see 2nd hop is in my vps hosts network.


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