IGMP Proxy to BTTV (UK) Working fine except for corruption on UltraHD Channels - Works fine with provider router.

  • Hi All,

    I have IPTV to BT with IGMP proxy working fine apart from on the UltraHD channels where i get intermittent picture breakup which DOES NOT happen with the ISP provided router.

    (Long shot) Can anyone with BTTV / pfSense / IGMP Proxy in the UK let me know if your UltraHD channels work as expected WITH IGMP Proxy on PfSense?

    I can't see anything being dropped on the firewall, CPU usage is low, i have a load of memory free, the ITPV has a LAN Interface on pfSense dedicated to the service (so multicast or VLAN shouldn't be an issue), this is hosted on an HP server running ESXi.

    Anyone know of any way I can further troubleshoot this?

  • Hi,

    I appreciate this is an old thread but I have the same setup (pfsense, HP microserver with ESXI, BT IPTV).
    I have the following config:

    Openreach modem connected to dedicated WAN port of pfsense
    BT TV Youview box connected to dedicated IPTV port of pfsense
    Rest of house connected to LAN port of pfsense

    I have IGMP Proxy running on pfsense 2.4.4 (had to find an older version from 2.4.3).
    IPTV downstream
    WAN upstream,

    So far no luck with streaming TV.

    Can you share your settings?


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