Firewall based on Supermicro X11DPH-TQ X550NIC thoughts?

  • I plan a firewall for 100 VPN clients and to save power I want to add 6x 4 port 10GBit Intel NICs.
    Scheduled board Supermicro X11DPH-TQ with Quickassist chipset 64GB DDR4 ECC Memory for the Squid cache is intended only in memory.
    Network cards 6x PE310G4I50L-T Intel X550 based. Low profile.
    2x Intel Xeon 4110
    Housing: IPC4440MA 19 "4U front I / O access, with redundant power supply.
    If anyone knows a 2u front access housing, with 6 or 7 expansion card holders, E-ATX 12x13, I would be glad to know.
    The purchase of this system is planned for the end of the year.
    The firewall is planned for a small business with 10 employees working in the advertising industry and six rental apartments in the same building. The Internet connection 2x 10Gbit static IP, with a web server in the DMZ.

    Now there are certainly many who think why no separate switch ...
    Well, because i'm prepared for the future, for example some 40Gbit ports. and the system should run for at least 7 years or more.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You are adding 24 10GbE ports to the firewall in order to save power? 😕

    As opposed to running a 24 port 10GbE switch?

    If so then definitely forget that and use a switch!

    You would only do that if you need 24 separate subnets or filtering between all of them.

    What sort of VPN speed do you need here? You won't fill 20G of WAN with VPN traffic with any hardware.