PfSense 2.4.3_1 on Zotac CI327 Nano

  • Hello,

    I had some pain to install PfSense on my new Zotac CI327 Nano. After some tries I figured out settings to boot the installation routine. Finally I installed PfSense 2.3.5 an made an update to 2.4.3. In order to boot the system I had to put in my my loader.conf.local:

    The ethernet interfaces are recognised as:
    WAN 1000baseT <full-duplex>
    LAN 1000baseT <full-duplex>

    It boots fine but the firewall breaks down after some hours of work. The device get's unreacheble on network. You can just reboot the device by power off and on. Bios seems to be the latest release. Anyone has any ideas? Could it may help to reinstall everything from scratch? Where should I look to get more informations about the crashes?
    Thanks in advance

  • The driver included in FreeBSD for the Realtek NICs in the Zotac CI series is unstable. You'll want to use Realtek's latest driver. I posted the compiled binary and instructions on using it here:

  • Good morning,

    Thank you very much for help. I read all the instrutions in the link you posted but unfortunatly the downloadlink for the file ( seems to be broken.

    ![broken link](0_1528780193433_2018-06-12 07_04_54-Window.jpg

    Do you still have a copy of the compiled binary file?
    Thank you in advance for your help

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, the file is there for me. I wonder if it's a permissions thing....

    Ah, could be botching the link. Try this:

    Ah it tries to follow the link to a page. Weird. Right-click and save-as it will work.


  • I do still have the binary as well. If you're still unable to download it from here, let me know and I can find another way to get it to you.

  • Thank you so much for all,

    I downloaded the file (~140k) that stephenw10 posted. I tell more about about the installation further on.

  • @obloned Sounds good! If you run into any trouble, post back here and/or refer back to the thread I mentioned earlier, particularly this section. User bgbird03 had a CI327 nano too and got it working with this driver, but had to add the line to /boot/loader.conf.local. Also there's other good tips in that thread for things like disabling the SD card reader to speed up boot and such.

  • @TheNarc
    Managed to install if_re.ko this evening. Had to use FileZilla instead of WinSCP who whould not connect for some SSH certificate negociations. With FileZilla
    acces was possible. Followed your very pecise installation Guide Zotac ZBOX CI323 nano. Restarted the box and everything seems to work properly. Will report after (hopefully) some days of continous running. Thank you so much for your help.

  • @obloned Glad to hear it! Good luck; I expect it should be fine now. Did you verify that the new driver is indeed loaded by running kldstat?

  • @TheNarc
    Yes, gives me this among others:
    Id Refs Address Size Name
    2 1 0xffffffff82e2f000 80930 if_re.ko
    seems allright?

  • @obloned Yup, that confirms it's loaded.

  • @thenarc
    Yes, it's working great without any interruption:
    0_1529688117632_2018-06-22 19_18_50-Window.jpg
    Thank you so much for your help and time spent on my problem.

  • @obloned No problem, glad to hear it worked!

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