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    Netgate is the only authorized provider of official pfSense training courses. We have conducted numerous pfSense training sessions online and around the world. We teach network professionals to use and master pfSense software and its powerful packages.

    Our newest training course, pfSense Supplementals I, is a perfect compliment to the skills learned in the Advanced Application class. This course teaches the configuration and use of some of the most powerful and popular packages available: Snort, HAProxy, RADIUS-mOTP and pfBlockerNG. The next course is coming up on June 19, 2018.

    Read more: https://www.netgate.com/blog/learn-popular-pfsense-packages-with-netgate.html

  • Are these courses recorded with the ability to access later or is it a one-time shot? Full day is tough without being able to step away for a bit for the unexpected events and not miss anything or have the ability to go back. I understand there are probably breaks and lunch built-in but still, there’s always the unknown.

    Suggestion - record the course so it is viewable anytime for those enrolled. Also, this would allow you to split/edit the course into pieces and sell those individually for the subjects people are interested. For example, pfSense Supplementals I covers Snort, HAProxy, RADIUS-mOTP and pfBlockerNG for $400 or $100 per subject. I’m interested in all but one and would certainly be willing to paid $300 for them. Assuming I was able to view them on my own timeline.

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    No, courses are not recorded and are interactive. It's divided in segments allowing you to step away for a bit but, just like any other education such as Microsoft or Cisco, you will have to devote your day to it.

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