Create communication between TNSR platform and wireless sensor and display the readings through internet

  • I am new to IOT party, working with mesh enabled wireless sensor was good till communicate through development boards to LCD screens,
    But trying step forward to connect with IOT Cloud is something important.
    As my colleague suggested me to use SG1000 micro Firewall, But Is it possible to create communication between mesh network and SG1000 ?
    And How can it be possible to talk wireless sensor with TNSR platform through which want to achieve some goals as follows:

    • Send the readings of sensor to cloud's database
    • Design a dashboard which share the readings of temperature sensor in line
      graph which is also accessible through user's smart phones
    • Create alert system which give notifications on smartphones through internet as well as via SMS.

    Any leads and suggestions to make it functional will be helpful

  • Galactic Empire

    I'm trying to understand where does TNSR come into your requirements.

  • Hey,
    What I am thinking is use TNSR platform to make wireless communication between smart phones and wireless sensors which I have, and display the readings which in dashboard and also share the alert notification smartphones whenever temperature goes up or down from defined range

  • Galactic Empire

    Sorry, but I don't think you understand what TNSR is. Read more about it here