Changing WAN IP

  • Hello,
    I am using Open VPN, i have configured WAN with static IP, i have user connected from remote side to access my local server. i have installed certificates on each user so they connect and get access through Open VPN GUI.
    My Question is now i want to change my Static IP on WAN, What should i do? just to change WAN IP in WAN interface or any other settings and what should i do at remote user end?
    Should i need to reinstall certificates on each user system? so they could get access as they are....

    Kindly suggest some solution.

  • Normally your WAN IP is determined by your ISP and you have no control over it.

  • Assuming corporate internet connection with multiple ip's in a little subnet it is possible to switch the wan ip when desired.

    Well would be nice to have a domain name you own where you could manage the ip centrally.. So vpn.yourdomain.tld would point to the public ip your currently using.. And if it changes in the future again, you would not need to change anything on the client-devices.

    For now for the moment perhaps add a second server to the client config .ovpn file, so the client will try to connect to both ip's. And then change over your wan-ip, or first bring up the new wan-ip before decommissioning the old.. It depends on how much clients youve got and how seamless the transition should be.. Then later cleanup the client config, and if possible use a dns name :).

  • @piba said in Changing WAN IP:

    Assuming corporate internet connection with multiple ip’s in a little subnet it is possible to switch the wan ip when desired.

    With corporate networks, they may have their own address block, the but router still has to connect to the ISP, using an address the ISP or the carrier provides.

  • @ahsanse Yes, you will have to manually change the WAN IP on settings as hard-coded, reason why people don't hard code anything. In any environment you want so say:

    MyVPN = IP.

    Then you configure your clients to MyVPN and they never have to be touched again.

    Anytime you want to change this, u just make one change with your Domain Registrar: MyVPN = newIP.

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